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BJÖRN SKIFS! The first song and single from Björn Skifs new album "Da capo" is "I´m here to stay" written by Andreasson/Skifs/Wassenius. The song is also opening and closing act in Skifs show at Cirkus in Stockholm.

No 1 in Norway! Froyas new album "My American dream" reached the number 1 spot on the Norwegian album chart. the album contains "R&R Radio" written by Andreasson/Erlandsson/ Wassenius.

Arvingarnas new album "Underbart" includes a couple of songs written by us.

Denise Lopez new single feat.Lazee : "Girls and Rock`n roll" is the first song on her forthcoming album which will be released in China , Southafrica and later in Sweden in the fall of 2009.

German band Rocking son releases their new single "Hippie Yippie Hooray" written by Andreasson/Sahlen/Wassenius.

Alestorm has released 2 more albums :"Black sails at midnight" and"Black sails over Europe" both containing "Wolves of the sea".

"Dynamite" went to the Superfinal in ESC in Latvia and finished on 3rd place.

SouthAfrican Idol runner up Willem Botha is going to release his 2nd album on Sony Music the 9th of March and the album contains 2 songs written by us.

Arvingarna´s new single is on heavy rotation on P4 and is about to be tested for Svensktoppen.

The MGP album reached the No 1 spot on the Danish chart and our 2 songs are on heavy rotation on the radio playlists in Denmark.

2 SONGS IN MGP IN DENMARK! The songs that will try to go all the way to Moscow are: "I´ll never fall in love again"(Andreasson/Sahlen/Wassenius) and will be performed by former Grand prix winner Trine Jepsen and "Alice in the wonderland" (Andreasson/ Erlandsson/Persson/Rye/Wassenius) witch will be performed by Jimmy Jörgensen.

The Scotish heavy metal band Alestorm releases a cover of the song "Wolves of the sea". The song is featured on a new EP :"Leviathan".

Last Autumn´s Dream is releasing their new album Dreamcatcher the 24th of Dec. It is their 8th release in 6 years! The album contains 10 songs written by Erlandsson/Andreasson/Wassenius.

Sunday Music has got 1 song in the Latvian preselection for Eurovision Song Contest. The song is "Dynamite" written by Erlandsson/Andreasson/M.P Persson/Wassenius.

"Mama paparazzi" the new single with Inga from Sweden is released by Warner Music.

Arvingarna releases a new single :"Hela världen är du och jag" and it´s written by Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius/Arvingarna.

Wolves of the sea is included on the new compilation Mix Megapol/bästa blandningen.

Pirates of the sea releases a new single "Happy Balalaika" and it´s included on the new compilation Absolute Kidz Vol.25.

Wolves of the sea is featured on the brand new Hits for kids 20 in Norway.

The new album Crazy Toons contains the song and video of Heavy Metal Baby.

The new Pacific tour DVD with japanese boyband NewS reached the number 1 spot on the Dvd chart in Japan.

SMURFHIT! The new album Smurfparty is released all over Scandinavia and the cd includes the smashhit "Wolves of the sea". The song is also featured in the Tv-spot promoting the album.

The new compilationcd Dansbandsfavoriter 2008 is released and includes the song "Hon kommer med sommaren" with Arvingarna.

The new compilation ABSOLUTE KIDZ Vol.24 includes the song "Wolves of the sea"

The ESC 2008 Dvd is released and as always in the top of the Dvd sales around Europe.

Wolves of the sea is currently high on all kinds of charts around Europe.

The new compilation HITS FOR KIDS 19 includes the song "Wolves of the sea" written by Andreasson/Liberg/Sahlen/Wassenius.

Latvian star Aisha releases her new cd Viss Kartiba,Mincit! and the album includes her new single "Vina tev vairs nepeider" written by Andreasson/Wassenius/Racs.

The Pirates finished n:o 12 in ESC 2008! The song "Wolves of the sea" with the Pirates of the sea ended up on the same points as Georgia(83) which was on 11th place.

The new DVD with japanese boyband Hey!Say!Jump! reached the N:o 1 spot on the Japan dvd chart.The dvd includes one track written by Andreasson/Björklund/Sahlen/Wassenius.

The official ESC 2008 Belgrade album is released and includes the song "Wolves of the sea" (Andreasson/Liberg/Sahlen/Wassenius).

A new compilation album "I rätt Tonart" contains "Hon kommer med sommaren" (Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius) and "1000 ord"(Andreasson/Erlandsson/ Persson/Wassenius).

WINNER IN LATVIA! The song "Wolves of the sea" written by Claes Andreasson,Jonas Liberg,Johan Sahlen and Torbjörn Wassenius won the ESC in Latvia. Pirates of the sea will perform the song in the semifinal in Belgrade on May the 22nd.

LAD release their new album "Hunting shadows" in Europe on March the 3rd.

Escape Music is releasing a double album with LAD.The first disc is a best of album and the second disc is the Live album previously released in Japan. The release also include one unreleased song "When you love someone" written by Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius.

2 songs in Latvia! Sunday Music is compeeting with 2 songs in the Eurovision Song Contest in Latvia. The songs are "Wolves of the sea"(Andreasson/Liberg/Sahlen/Wassenius) performed by Pirates of the sea and Put some love in the world ( Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius) performed by Iedomu Sparni.

A brand new live album with Last Autumns Dream has been released in Japan. The album is entitled "Live in Stuttgart" and contains 7 songs written by Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius.

Last Autumns Dream´s new album entitled "Hunting shadows" will be released in Japan 19th December and contains 9 tracks written by Andreasson/Erlandsson /Wassenius.

News new album "Pacific" reaches number 1 spot on Japanese album chart.

Yeni Karlsson releases a new single "Ensam kvinna söker..." and it´s written by Andreasson/Karlsson/Wassenius

Norwegian band Trond-Erics has released a greatest hits album :"Aller beste" The album contains "Ser etter Sara" written by Andreasson/Karlsson/Wassenius

Norwegian popband Picazzo has released their new album "Hvor skal vi sove i natt" The album contains" Hold rundt meg no" written by Andreasson/Sahlen/Wassenius

What´s up! is a new boyband and their debutalbum "In pose" contains "I don´t want 2 hurt you" written by Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius.

The DVD "Neverending wonderful story" with Japan popact NewS reached number 1 on the Dvdchart in Japan.The Dvd contains their Japan number 1 smash"Hoshi wo mezashite" written by Andreasson/Bjorklund/Sahlen/Wassenius.

The band Last Autumns Dream is going to do a Japan tour in June and at the same time they´re releasing their first "Best of" album named "Impressions".The album contains 9 songs written by Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius.

The new compilation "Danspärlor 6" features "Rätt in i ditt hjärta"(Andreasson/Karlsson/ Wassenius) performed by Yeni Karlsson , "I do" (Andreasson/C.Becker/Wassenius) performed by Sweetshots and "Love in the air"(Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius) performed by Mikael Erlandsson.

The Dvd from ESC 2007 reached number 1 in Sweden and are as well as the Cd high on charts all over the world.

The album Eurovision Song Contest 2007 became a gold record in Sweden in just 2 days.The album contains Latvian winner "Questa notte" (Jennstig/Wassenius/Russo).

Mikael Erlandsson releases his follow up to his radiohit "Love in the air". The single "It doesn´t matter anymore" is written by Erlandsson/Persson/Andreasson /Wassenius.

Arvingarnas new compilationalbum "All included" contains their hitsingle "Hon kommer med sommaren"(Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius)

NUMBER 1 IN JAPAN! the single "Hoshi wo mezashite" is number one on the charts!

More great news from Japan : The new single with NewS sold 360.000 copies in one day!

NEWS FROM JAPAN! New single with the biggest popband in Japan :NewS! The songs name is "Hoshi wo mezashite" and it´s written by Claes Andreasson,Peter Björklund Johan Sahlen and Torbjörn Wassenius. The single is also titletrack for the Japanese release of blockbuster movie "Happy feet".

WINNER IN LAVIA! The song "Questa notte" won the Eurovision Song Contest in Latvia. It is written by Kjell Jennstig,Torbjörn Wassenius,Francesca Wassenius and will be performed by Bonaparti.lv in the semifinal in Helsinki the 12th of May.

The new single with Javiera : "Frozen flower" is written by Andreasson/Liberg/Wassenius.

The new compilation "Sverigetoppen Vol.1" contains the song "1000 ord" performed by Date and written by Andreasson/Erlandsson/Persson/Wassenius.

The former pop idol contender Ville Niskanens new single "Disco Dancing" is written by Claes Andreasson/Johan Sahlen/Torbjörn Wassenius.

The song "Love in the air" written by (Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius) is compeeting in Eurovision Song Contest in Poland 3rd Feb. The song will be performed by Mikael Erlandsson.

The song "Destiny" written by Andreasson/Wassenius is compeeting in the Spanish Eurovision Song Contest: Mision Eurovision.

Last Autumns Dream´s new album Saturn Skyline will be released in Europe 19th Feb.

Jim Jidheds new single "Du är min värld" is co-written by Andreasson/Wassenius. Jim Jidheds new album Reflektioner contains 6 songs produced by Sunday Music.

Last Autumns Dream´s 4th album "Saturn Skyline" is released and reached no.56 in Japan chart. The album is produced by Sunday Music and contains 11 songs written by Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius. The album got fantastic reviews and great coverage in Japanese edition of BURRN! magazine. Singer Mikael Erlandsson and sologuitarist Andy Malecek did a promotion tour in Tokyo with acoustic performances and instore events. A full scale tour is planned to take place in Japan in July´07.

Danspärlor 5 is released with "Try to catch a falling star" (Andreasson/Wassenius)-Cleo and "Nu e d dax igen" (Andreasson/Yeni Karlsson/Wassenius)-Yeni Karlsson.

Cecilia Vennersten´s new album "Under stjärnornas parasoll" contains the song "Leva" written by Andreasson/Sahlen/Wassenius).

Jim Jidheds new single "För alltid" is co-written by Andreasson/Wassenius.

Surround´s new album Varje steg du tar contains 2 songs from Sunday Music : "Varje steg du tar"(Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius) "I give you my life"(Andreasson/Berlin/Erlandsson/Wassenius)

Trond-Erics new album Speilbilde contains "Ser etter Sara" written by Andreasson/Yeni Karlsson/Wassenius.

Sannex new album Vem får följa dig hem contains "Spara dina kyssar" written by Andreasson/Liberg/Wassenius.

Danspärlor 4 is released containing 5 songs from Sunday Music. Swedish popband Date has released their new single "1000 ord". The song is written by Andreasson/Erlandsson/M.Persson/Wassenius and are currently on swedish radiochart Kalaslistan for the 4th week.

Swedish popband Surround´s new single "Varje steg du tar" is written by Andreasson/ Erlandsson/Wassenius.

"Lost and found" ended up as number 4 in MGP in Norway but the song is doing very well on the radiocharts.The song is on Norwegian radiochart Norsktoppen for the seventh week. 2006:

Andreasson/Wassenius are competing with 2 songs in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix Final the 4th of February .
Both songs came number 1 and number 2 in the semifinal in Alta 13 January. The final will be held in Oslo and the songs are : ”Here for the show” performed by Trine Rein and ”Lost and found” performed by Geir Rönning and Jorun Erdal.

Cecilia Vennersten´s new single ”Leva” is written by Andreasson/Sahlen/Wassenius and has become a huge radiohit in Sweden.

The song ”Frozen flower” written by Andreasson/Liberg/Wassenius made it to the Latvian Eurosong and will be performed by Fidji in the semifinal February the 4th.

Last Autumns Dream 3rd album ”Winter in paradise” reached number 66 on the abum chart in Japan the first week.

the album has done well in Japan and the song”All i want is Rock n roll” written by Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius is the signature theme for Boxing show”Excite match” aired by WOWWOW in Japan.

The songs ”Playing our song” (Andreasson/Sahlen/Wassenius) CLEO and ”Nu eller aldrig” (Andreasson/Karlsson/Wassenius) Yeni Karlsson is featured on compilation Danspärlor 3 and as radiosingles as well.

Ann Nordstis album ”Bygderomantikk” has reached gold-record status in Norway.
The album contains ”Cruisa i min egen cheva”(Andreasson/Karlsson/Sahlen/Wassenius/Grundt).

The song "Hon kommer med sommaren" stayed on the swedish chart Svensktoppen for 6 weeks peaking at number 6.
The song has been a huge radiohit this summer and Arvingarna performed it in TV shows like Bingolotto, Nyhetsmorgon and Gokväll.
The song is featured on the compilations: Mr Music Dansband vol.9 and I afton dans 11 so far.
The "I afton dans 11" compilation which is preordered in 30000 copies also includes "En dag en natt med dig" written by Andreasson/Diedricsson/Wassenius.

During the summer Andreasson/Wassenius had 3 songs on P4 radiochart Kalaslistan at the same time an this is a new record of all time!

The song "Härlig Kjärlek" is featured on norwegian star Ann Nordstis new album"Bygderomantikk". Ann Nordstis debutcd recently became a gold record in Norway.

The band "Sounders" song "Om du har längtat" is featured on the Danspärlor 2 compilation.

A new single with Cleo: "They´re playin´our song" will be released in October.

Currently are the 3rd album with the band Last Autumns Dream named "Winter in paradise" recorded in Sunday Music Studios and will be released in Japan in November and in Europe 2006.

Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius is producing the album and has written 7 songs on the Japan release and 10 songs on the European release. A new single and a video will be out in Sweden in January 2006.

The song "The way you love me" written by Andreasson/Wassenius is on the new album with Japanese popact Priere.

Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius has written the new single "Hon kommer med sommaren" for the swedish band Arvingarna. They've written the B-side as well, which is "Hela världen till dig". Both songs will be on Arvingarnas new cd which will be released in June.

Andreasson/Sahlen/Wassenius has written and produced "I don¥t need your love" for Fame Factory winner Sandra Oxenryds album which will be out in May.

Andreasson/Wassenius has together with Carola Szucs written "Add a little love" for swedish artist CLEO . The song will appear on the compilation Poppärlor as well as a single.

Schytts single "En dag, en natt med dig" is doing well on the radio. The song is for the third consecutive week Nr.1 on SVERIGETOPPEN and appears this week on KALASLISTAN on swedish radio.

The song "This is where you got it from" (Andreasson/Wassenius) was performed by Fame Factory artist Patrik Öhlund in the week finals on Swedish television.

Mikael Erlandssons song "This is your life" is featured in the commercial spot for Oxbow Sportswear which will be broadcast all over the world.

Sunday Music did together with Jamlab sound recordings for world smash Tv-show "24". The episode will be broadcast in Sweden spring 2006.

Heartbreak radio has recieved great reviews all over Europe and the song "Hard rock city" (Andreasson/Erlandsson/Denander/Wassenius) is featured on the compilation with german rock magazine "Rock it!". The songs "Just 4 love","Only you" and "Rockin¥the night" is added to a lot of playlists around europe.

The song "I am rock n roll" finished second in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix.

Our entry in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix 2004 finished 2nd. The song "Goin´ Home"written by Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius is featured on a compilation called "Voices of rock". One song "Young hearts" i featured on german superstar Natasha Thomas first album. The track is cowritten with Peter Björklund and Johan Sahlen.

The followup to the successful "Last Autumns Dream" album simply entitled II, is released in Japan and Europe, 5 songs is written by Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius.

The Schytts song "Härlig kärlek" is on a DVD called "Live". In December Schytts played 2 songs in the TV-show Bingolotto: "Härlig kärlek" and the new single "En dag, en natt med dig", written by Andreasson/Diedricsson/Wassenius.

Mikael Erlandsson was compeeting with the song "Tills jag mötte dig" in the Eurovision song contest in Sweden. The album sold double platinum.

Claes Andreasson and Torbjörn Wassenius wrote "The way you love me" for swedish eurovision song contest winners FAME. The song is on their debutalbum as well as on the album Fame Factory Vol.5, which recently sold gold. Fame performed the song in the most popular Tv-show in Sweden: "Bingolotto".

Andreasson/Wassenius and Johan Sahlen wrote "Don´t do me like that" for Fame Factory artist Mia Löfgren which she performed in the weekfinals in swedish television.

Sunday Music team Andreasson/Erlandsson/Wassenius has written 6 songs and produced the debutalbum of Supergroup "Last Autumn´s Dream". The band includes 3 members of EUROPE and is high up on the charts in Japan. One of the songs "Again and again" is the signature of a popular Tv-show in Japan.

Andreasson/Wassenius has written a song for swedish group FRIENDS and it´s on their latest album "Best of Friends".

Andreasson/Wassenius has written and produced the song "A little too much" for Fame Factory artist Carola Szucs and it´s on the album Fame Factory Vol.6.

Andreasson/ Wassenius has together with Sahlen and singer Yeni Karlsson written swedish group SCHYTTS new single "Härlig Kärlek".

FAME releases their new single "The way you love me" written by Andreasson/Wassenius. Andreasson/Wassenius has produced "Made for you" on Fame Factory Vol.7.

Andreasson/Wassenius has written 2 songs and produced the album "Barnens Favoriter" which also contains one song by Mikael Erlandsson.

Andreasson/Sahlen/Wassenius has written the song "Kom och håll om mig" for Fame Factory artist Calle Bergström and the song will be on the album Fame Factory Vol.8.

Andreasson/Wassenius is producing the song "Walk a mile" with Carola Szucs for Fame Factory Vol.8.

Andreasson/Szucs/Wassenius has written the the song "Long way home" which is a new single with Carola Szucs and she performed it at the weekfinals in swedish television.

Mikael Erlandssons hit from Eurovision Song Contest 1990 "Vi vill ha värme" is on a compilation "Diamanter" 90-tal made by EMI.

Andreasson/Wassenius has written a song for Melodi Grand Prix in Norway "This is where you got it from". The song is sung by Norwegian musical star Arlene Wilkes and is of course on the album Melodi Grand Prix 2004 and available on single as well. The song is produceed by Andreasson/Wassenius.

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